Welcome to the website of Private Enforcement Agent Ivan Hadjiivanov!

Thanks to my strong experience and work in various fields I had established my vision on how to conduct the enforcement process, as an integral part of the law proceedings. Any judicial decision should be enforced in a voluntary or forcedly manner - that's the logical outcome of the justice.

In the absence of voluntary compliance, the claimant needs an assistance of authorized authority of enforcement. At the same time, the law requires the debtor's rights to be preserved and quaranteed.

Our main goal is to achieve the most effective solution to these problems in the enforcement proceedings: quickly and effectively satisfy the creditor's interests and preserve the statutory rights of the debtor. The same is aimed by the institute of the Private enforcement, which gives wider possibilities for action.

I have established contacts and established reputation throughout my career which will allow me to serve even the most demanding customers. Out team of professionals - lawyers and staff works in the name of a single goal - successfully solving the tasks of the enforcement process.




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